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Net-Zero Emissions Homes – What Are They?

Discover the future of sustainable living with Net-Zero Emissions Homes. Learn how they reduce carbon footprint and contribute to a greener planet.

Industry Updates

Whose Waiting For The Housing Bubble To Pop?

Experts predict a decline in U.S. home prices in 2023, but 44% of economists and housing experts believe that the housing market will shift positively by the end of 2023, providing more opportunities for investment in real estate.

Were Using Novation To Revolutionize The Cash Home Offer Game

What Is Novation In Real Estate?

Novation in real estate is popping up all over the place these days. By now you are probably wondering; “what that heck is novation?!”. Novation in simple terms is a legal process of updating a contract or agreement. In real estate, novation is a useful strategy that is utilized for various purposes such as enhancing the sale price, marketing a property or deal, and updating ownership. However, its applications go beyond these and it’s worth exploring the lesser-known aspects of this technique.

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